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More Than The Usual Different Rio Paralympics

Multi-sport events for athletes with physical, mental, and sensorial disabilities. The ultimate competition for the athletes with a disability with strict qualifying standards.

Disability Rules


Maintenance of the tracks for all events for the right hosting.


Right field support and facilities for all the athletes.


Strict criteria for different categories of events based on disability.

Sport Class Allocation

The participants must meet the criteria set in each division in order to have a fair competition without downgrading anyone’s performance.

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Our community also supports the rights of people with disabilities and help them in securing a stable life while they concentrate on their sport.

Tracking Changes In Everyday Experiences Of Disability Sports

The tracks are inspected every day for any damages on the pitch to provide quality tracks to the athletes.

International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

Join us at our special event held on every 3rd of December.

The Perception Towards People

Setting a different point of view for people to recognize the strengths of a person.

The amazing athletes compete at the Paralympic Games

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A Brief History of the Paralympic Games

The Paralympic movement is a massive one that has gone ahead to spring open a different kind of experience to the world. As the athletes keep showcasing their talent, people tend to get it all from the event and go ahead to make the most of it. But how did it start? How did the Paralympic movement come into the picture and go on to be a top event? Well, if you need to know all of that, you require a lesson in history about the Paralympic Games.


Sports for athletes with an impairment has been in the picture for more than 100 years. The initial signs of the same go way back in 1888 in Berlin as the first sports club for the deaf began to surface around town. However, it was not widely surfaced around, and people did not know a lot about the movement. But that had changed after World War Ⅱ as the purpose to assist a huge number of war veterans and civilians who were injured during wartime become louder and louder.

As a result, upon the request of the British government, Dr. Ludwig Guttman opened a spinal injuries centre at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Great Britain. With time passing by, that hospital became popular, and the Stoke Mandeville Games became a thing. On 29th July 1948, the opening ceremony of the London 1948 Olympic Games marked the beginning of a new movement because Dr. Guttman organized the very first competition for wheelchair athletes.

The Paralympic Games

As the Stoke Mandeville Games started evolving, it grew bigger and better and was finally known as the Paralympic Games. It took place in Rome, Italy, in 1960 and featured around 400 athletes from over 23 countries. As a result, the event has been taking place once every four years, and the process continues to go ahead for the better. Moreover, in 1976, the first Winter Games in Paralympics history was held in Sweden, and it made the movement stronger.

The Factor of Growth

As time passed by, people from all over the world came to know about the Paralympic movement, and organizers came forward to hold it on a big scale. With top-performing athletes also being a part of the picture, the excitement behind these games started becoming clear. International Committees started becoming a part of the event and went ahead to surprise the world. With each passing event, the Paralympic movement created history, and young talents were appreciated.

They also went ahead to introduce a few new games and take things to a whole new level. As a result, one should look forward to seeing more of the movement and the games bound to blow your mind.

What You Should Know About the Paralympic Games 2021

Looking forward to 2021 is all that we can do because 2020 did not leave behind good memories. As a result, one can be excited about 2021 because it is bringing the Paralympic Games. Yes, that’s right. The event of sporting action is going to take place this year, and along with that, there are other pieces of information that you need to know about. So go ahead and read more about the Paralympic Games 2021.

Summer in Tokyo

24th August – 5th September is the date you need to remember because that is when the Paralympic Games 2021 will take place. With the call to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games, things did not become easy, and other events had to go through a specific period. But with rescheduled dates and other kinds of aspects, the Paralympic Games are back, and it is going to blow your mind. So stay tuned and book your tickets to watch the games in action.

Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games

The two-year buffer between Summer and Winter Games is not going to be around the corner because 2021 will take a different turn into the same. Winter sport athletes will go ahead and build for the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, China, and these games will make a difference for the better. What stands out is the gender parity in the number of medal events between men and women. With all that in store, the tournament is going to be something that is worth it.

Test Events

By just going through the organizing committee’s website, one can understand more about the process of test events and how they are going to take place for Tokyo 2020. Since a test event is a dress rehearsal to understand and improve the competition and its gaming capabilities, it stands to be an event of importance. As a result, it is surely going to take place with a few adjustments that had to come in due to the kind of year that 2020 turned out to be. So if you’re confused about these aspects that are going to take place, you need to head over to their website.

Paris 2024, the Future.

As the flames get burning for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, it will be passed on to Paris 2024 that is going to celebrate around 1000 days on 3rd December. Since it is going to take place in 2024, the organizers are committed to providing a new era of games that will fit past the Covid-19 season. As a result, looking towards the same and how athletes are already preparing for it will help you understand how everything will be in the future.

What You Didn’t Know About the Paralympics

The Paralympic Games requires no introduction because it has been going on for a long period of time, thereby creating a difference for the better. Bringing together different games and talented athletes, the events create a unique experience that no other game can offer. However, there are a few aspects about the games that one needs to know about. Looking into it and exploring it will certainly help you make the most of it. So go ahead and read more about what you didn’t know about the Paralympics.

Defining “Para”

A lot of people tend to be confused about the inclusion of the word “Para.” While conclusions can be made, it is always better to stick to facts. The idea or the true definition of “Para” tends to refer to parallelism. As a result, it stands to be parallel games to the Olympics and creates changes in the right manner. Due to that, the word was taken from Greek and brought into the context to make sense. By doing so, the games received a proper image, and people can look towards the same.

The Second Largest

Yes, that’s right. The Paralympics is the second-largest event and comes behind the Olympics. While it has been so for a long time, the record was never highlighted, and people did not really know about the same. Since it’s down on views when compared to the Olympics, it moves ahead to get settled for the second spot and does the job for the better. Thanks to all that, viewing the second-largest event in the world is going to make a lot of difference, and you will truly love the experience.

Decoding the Paralympic Logo

The three shapes in the Paralympic logo are agitos and refer to specific things. Coming from Latin for “I move,” they tend to encircle a central point and move forward to symbolize motion. Along with that, the three colors, blue, red, and green, move on to refer to the colors that are widely used in flags around the world. With that in hand, it brings about a global appeal and takes things forward. Hence, understanding the same will truly make a difference.

Paralympic Games and the Second World War

The Paralympic Games share a close relationship with the Second World War, and it is a fact that everyone needs to know about. The first event that was organized on this front was done by a German doctor called Ludwig Guttmann. And he was able to do so after bringing together soldiers with spinal injuries as a result of the Second World War. While it was first known as the Stoke Mandeville Games, it went ahead to become the Paralympic Games in a matter of time.

What Must You Know about the Paralympics

Paralympics has always opened the door towards a ton of opportunities for people who need it the most. As the competitions are intense and exciting, everyone tends to look out for these events with the same form of excitement as the Olympics. But what are the differences and other aspects that keep them apart? Well, let’s go ahead and find more about the same by reading the following.


In order to get the competition going, Paralympics tend to classify their athletes in a specific manner by conducting rigorous testing of function and movement. As the test is conducted by a sporting, medical professional, one can expect the same to be legit and move ahead to explore the domain of classification to the fullest. While the classification is also known to be controversial, one will have to go through the same to find the means to get the competition running. So go ahead and look through the basis of competition to get a better idea of the same.

Unique Sports

Unlike the Olympics, Paralympics has specific sports that are unique to the event. Goalball and Boccia are two of the most famous sports that are specific to the world of Paralympics. While Goalball is played by teams consisting of three blind and visually impaired athletes on a rectangular court, Boccia is more or less like bowls and takes place on an indoor court as well. The objective of Goalball is to throw a heavy ball filled with bells into the opposing team’s net, and the defenders need to block the same with their bodies.

On the other hand, Boccia takes place when athletes roll, kick or throw the ball, aiming to land at a specific target. As a result, exploring both these games will help you understand more about how it moves forward.

The Importance of a Tapper

A tapper is an individual who is situated at the end of the pool and holds a long pole that also holds a soft circular ball at the end. As a result, when a blind swimmer reaches the end of the pool, they will be tapped with this object and will be alerted that they have reached the end of the pool. Thanks to that, these athletes will be aware of the next move and can go ahead to do the same. As a result, a tapper plays an essential role in this position and goes ahead to make the most of it.


Understanding these points and going ahead to explore further will certainly help you understand the world of Paralympics. Moreover, it will also help you stay tuned for further events and competitions that will blow your mind away.

What Can We Learn from the Paralympics

The Paralympics has given us precious moments of joy and uncontrollable excitement as it sets things forward in the right direction. Viewing the same and getting used to the sport will certainly make a difference, and the outcome will be a happy one. But can we learn something from the Paralympics? If so, then what do we learn from the Paralympics? Well, go ahead and read more about the same.


Yes, we can learn a thing or two from the Paralympics, and the stage of learning starts with Vigour. It tends to describe high levels of energy, effort, and drive that an individual puts in to achieve a particular task. The level of determination that they have in mind will certainly put them ahead and go ahead to define Vigour in the right manner. Due to that, if we are going to take lessons from the Paralympics, it should be about Vigour and why we need the same in our life. By understanding the true definition of Vigour and applying the same, we can also achieve great things.

The Need to be Mentally Tough

Mental toughness talks about high levels of motivation and a process where one is capable of handling losses. Since life is filled with different kinds of setbacks, one needs to be aware of the same and move forward to give it another try. And if you believe that you need a better example of the same, you need to start watching the Paralympics. Athletes go through different kinds of setbacks and yet never feel like giving up. Instead, they come back stronger and move ahead to break records and create history.

Stereotypes Never Make Sense

If you Google the top stereotypes associated with the Paralympics, you are bound to find a number of options that specific people believe in. However, sooner or later, you are also bound to find out that these stereotypes have been beaten by athletes and proven to be false. Due to that, the Paralympics teaches us an important lesson on stereotypes, and it ends with the basic conclusion that stereotypes never make sense and are far away from reality.


Being focused on achieving your goals is the only way to go ahead and get them all for the better. This is another lesson that Paralympics puts to the table. If you are focused on achieving something and promise to stay focused on it, you will go out of your way to ensure that you get it all. Since athletes remain focused, you can see them going ahead to break records and place their name as one of the best to ever live. Hence, concentration is an essential requirement to lead a steady life.

Understanding the Paralympic Classification System

The Paralympic Games have been entertaining us for a long period of time and have managed to do so with ease. These games tend to bring about a difference and set things heading in the right direction. But how do these games move about? Who gets to compete, and who is not eligible to do so? Well, to understand that, you need to look through the classification system of the game and make the most of it.

Who Can Complete and Who Cannot

As we all know, the Paralympics are meant for athletes with physical, visual, or intellectual impairment. However, not every person with a disability can come forward to qualify, and not every person with a disability can qualify for all the games. For example, sports like swimming and athletics move along with any impairment that tends to meet the threshold disability requirement. Apart from that, the classification also works to define their class within the sport and make them eligible for specific games.

Moreover, with the ten classes coming into the picture, athletes will be classified into the same and then decided upon the results. The aspect of eligibility tends to work for the better through the same system that comes into the picture for the better. For example, swimming’s classification considers eligible athletes with physical impairment and is moved into one of the ten classes. As a result, athletes with a spinal cord injury stand a better chance of making it to swimming.

The Scene with Wheelchair Basketball

When it comes to games like Wheelchair Basketball, the restrictive eligibility works by understanding the kind of impairment that limits an athlete from taking part in the able-bodied game. Moving further, their level of impairment is considered and classified by giving them a point rating. As a result, players with the most impairment are known as low pointers, and players with the least impairment are high pointers. Apart from these aspects, the game is further balanced and checked to ensure that players get a fair chance at making it big.

The Aspect of Cheating

Unfortunately, claims about cheating and other related aspects have plagued the classification system. There have been events where players pretended to meet certain criteria just to qualify for the sport and move ahead to win medals. Due to that, the classification committee looks further into the process with the hope to correct wrongdoings and ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. Thanks to that, spectators can get used to a good experience and can move forward to get it all.


With the classification system in place, the Paralympic Games get it all and ensure that things tend to make sense. So going ahead to view the sport will genuinely be a lot of fun, and you need to do so.

Understanding the Nature of Rules for the Paralympics

The Paralympic Games have been providing us with various moments of excitement as athletes reach close to their goals and objectives. As these events have been around for a long time, one can expect to gain a lot from them and look towards exploring the same. That form of exploration can come in the form of rules and regulations that tend to go a long way. So without further ado, here’s a quick take about the nature of rules and regulations for the Paralympics.

The Governing Body

The different rules and regulations of the Paralympics are governed by the IPC (International Paralympic Committee). As a result, they tend to see to it that rules are followed and implemented in the right manner. The different regulations that they frame are always taken with regard to the interest of the athletes and helping them understand the process with ease. Due to that, following these rules and regulations stand to be essential, and everyone should look towards doing so.

Top Provisions

In terms of provisions, one must understand that the Paralympics are here to be parallel to the Olympics for athletes who are differently-abled. Since they tend to lose out on specific opportunities, you can expect them to shine on this front and move ahead to achieve the impossible. Due to that, the provisions put in place are meant to disregard the things that weigh their opportunities down and push them away from a particular sport. Thanks to all that, provisions work for their benefit, and one must always remember that to the fullest.

The Review Meeting

Since rules and regulations are meant for the purpose of growth, one must always understand that they are subject to changes. As a result of that, the IPC tends to conduct a review meeting soon after the games conclude for the year. Through this meeting, the IPC looks to make changes that can further improve the process and help the athletes to a huge extent. As the meeting tends to take shape, one can always be hopeful that the outcome moves ahead to enter the right direction.

Be it problems or specific aspects, the review process looks into the matter and ensures that everything is covered. By doing so, the games turn out to be better and bigger and move further to provide the kind of opportunities that athletes deserve the most.


Regardless of how we feel about rules and regulations, one must note that they are meant for good and come into the scene to make the most of any event. While they were known to be hard, changes have also come along the way to make it alright.

Reasons We Should Watch the Paralympics

The Paralympic Games have always brought forward an exciting set of events that keep you engaged till the very end. The kind of experience that it generates is second to none as the games stand to be one of the best in the world. Bettors who have some knowledge of these impressive athletes and their exploits have long been betting on the Paralympics. The pool of bettors and sportsbooks who now offer continuous betting possibilities, not just during the Paralympics, are increasing in numbers and the odds are getting better and more aligned with the able bodied competitions. But are those the only reasons why you should watch the Paralympics? Certainly not. With the games taking place on a huge scale, there are over a dozen reasons for one to watch the same. So here are a few of those very reasons.

The Introduction of New Games

Unlike the Olympics, Paralympics have brought forward different games that come up with different features, objectives, and other related aspects. Thanks to that, viewing these games is a whole new experience that goes ahead to help you enter a new world of sports. Moreover, as the competition gets interesting, you will be glued to the screen and watch how talented athletes compete against each other for the prize they need the most.

Not Lesser than the Olympics

Specific people believe in the assumption that the Paralympics is lesser than the Olympics and does not offer the same experience. While the experience is different, it is nothing lesser than the Olympics. The sheer will and determination of athletes to go forward and achieve their goals and objectives are evident for both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Due to that, watching the latter will help you understand that it is another top event that is ready to blow your mind.

The Art of Skiing

We have all seen experts skiing at different speeds and moving forward to showcase their skills. However, have you seen an individual skiing at 65 mph while also being blindfolded? Yes, that’s right. Visually impaired skiers tend to go against each other at the Paralympics and move ahead to blow your mind. They tend to rely on guides and move through their instructions to understand how they need to move from one point to another. As a result, this particular event is going to leave you spellbound.

Top Athletes

Every event or tournament is bound to have top performers who tend to showcase their skills and inspire the world. As a result, one can find the same at the Paralympics, with the likes of Trischa Zorn and Helena Lucas MBE taking hold of things for the better. Thanks to these athletes and a bunch of others, the tournament stands to be a huge one that the world needs to recognize.

Due to all that, you have more than a single reason to watch the Paralympics, all while being seated within the comfort of your home. So stay tuned for the Paralympic Games 2021.

Top Differences Between Special Olympics and Paralympics

The Special Olympics and the Paralympics are significant events recognized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). While fans do believe that they are similar in specific aspects, the differences tend to play a huge role for the bigger part of the process. Due to that, one needs to know all about it and should go ahead to accept these events in the manner that they should be accepted. Hence, go ahead and read more about the difference between the Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

The Disability Criteria

One of the main differences between the Special Olympics and the Paralympics tends to be the category of disabilities. While the Special Olympics moves forward to welcome all athletes with intellectual disabilities, the Paralympics steps things up with six main disability categories. As a result, in order to be eligible for the Special Olympics, you need to have an intellectual disability, developmental disability, and other aspects of functional limitations.

On the other hand, the Paralympics looks into categories like cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, spinal injuries, Les Autres, and so on. Thanks to all that, one must fulfill either of these requirements to be able to move ahead to be eligible for the process of participating in the Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

The Main Structure

Since the eligibility criteria are different, the entire structure of the movement also stands to be different. The Special Olympics is a leading global movement of athletes who are focused on building a huge network that spans all across the world. Due to that, individuals with intellectual disabilities tend to be a part of this movement and step forward to emphasize things that matter the most to the movement. Headquartered in Washington DC, the Special Olympics happens year-round and moves over seven regions.

On the other hand, the Paralympics moves forward with its elected representatives taking control of the movement from the IPC (International Paralympic Committee). As its highest decision-making body, the organization looks after everything and ensures that athletes receive all they need. By implementing rules and regulations that tend to meet their demands, the Paralympic Games step forward to provide a whole different experience that tends to be vital for all the right reasons.

The Driving Philosophy

In terms of philosophy, both these events move ahead in a specific manner. While the Special Olympics looks towards athletes releasing their full potential and helping everyone receive opportunities, the Paralympics focus on elite performance sport by bringing in criteria for athletes to qualify. Due to that, the sporting philosophy differs from each other, and both these events stand to provide a unique experience that keeps audiences engaged by maintaining the competitive spirit of the game.

The Paralympics: Changing the Meaning of Disability

We all have viewed different takes on disability and how it comes forward to offer a whole new definition. But as far as the primary form of understanding goes, it tends to describe that disability means a lack of something. So is it really a lack of something? Well, that is a question that one needs to understand and analyze because it tends to make sense for the better. Hence, go ahead and explore the true definition of disability.

The Paralympics

The Paralympics has changed over the years to adopt different games, features, and various other aspects. Thanks to that, it has brought out a new meaning towards tasks and how one can go about achieving them. While we all had to deal with a specific standard, the Paralympics was re-defining that and was going about it in the right manner. Due to that, it has naturally removed the most common meaning of disability.

Yes, that’s right. Paralympic athletes have gone ahead to showcase their raw talent and how things tend to make a difference for the better. They have come ahead to prove to the world that they are not individuals who are going to be sitting in a corner and listening to people who say that something is not possible. The different games and various other aspects of the Paralympics have played a good role in shaping things up and letting the whole world know that the Paralympics is no different from the Olympics.

Changing Perceptions

With this new form of perception, one can always expect people to get used to a new way of life. Since the well-defined aspects of life are turning out to be re-defined, one is bound to acknowledge the new change and look towards the same. So after a point of time, watching a 100-meter race in the Olympics and the Paralympics is not going to be different. While the experience is certainly different, you are not going to be looking at any other changes that come along the picture.

A True Inspiration

While we can all sit and talk about changes, it is also essential to look into the aspect of inspiration. Be it the Olympics or the Paralympics; we have been able to view a different set of athletes who will stop at nothing. With Usain Bolt holding the record at 19.9 seconds and Trischa Zorn having won 55 medals for swimming, people are bound to begin viewing sports without making any form of difference. Thanks to that, the Paralympics has not only defined the meaning of disability but also led us onto a new path that stands to be the true one.

Hence, it deserves all the credit.