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Strict criteria for different categories of events based on disability.

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The amazing athletes compete at the Paralympic Games

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Asia’s Female Athletes who are changing the world

Olympic 2020 is set to take place in Tokyo along with Paralympics. More than 11,000 athletes from 206 countries are expected to contest various games in the multi-sports events. With additions to certain games of Paralympics and Olympics, Tokyo Olympics will live up to its standard. This is not the first time Tokyo has held Olympics, but 2020 games will see the inclusion of baseball, softball, karate, surfing, sport climbing, and skateboarding in the final list of games. The fervor surrounding the events is already brimming up and people are getting ready to witness one of the best sporting events in the world.

Rikako Ikee:

This Japanese athlete scored a record number of medals in 2018 during Asian games. Having 6 gold medals won in the Asian games, Rikako is considered to be a potential gold medallist in the Olympics. She is the first Japanese to win 5 titles in the national championship. The 18-year-old will be competing in the 2020 Olympics and pin for her long-desired gold in the Olympic games.

Dinara Saduakassova:

Dinara Saduakassova

Dinara runs a chess academy in Kazakhstan. She won her World Youth Chess Championships title in 2010 under the age of 14 category and was selected as the ambassador of the UN Children’s Fund 2017. She is a 4-time world champion of Chess and has been playing the game since she was 5-year old.

Aries Susanti:

The Indonesian athlete is nicknamed spider woman due to her victory in the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) cup in 2018. She also won a gold medal in speed climbing in Asian games held in 2018. 24-year old Muslim Athlete created history during her IFSC cup by climbing a 15-meter wall in 7.51 seconds.

Mary Kom:

Mary Kom has been awarded as the best female Asian athlete. Known by her ring name MC Mary KOM, she is the only woman who has managed to pull off a medal in each of the championships. Hailing from India, Mary has remained a five-time world boxing champion.

Mao Asada:

Mao Asada

Mao Asada is a three-time world champion is Figure Skating. Originally from Japan, the 29-year old athlete has been a four-time Grand Prix champion and an Olympic silver medallist in 2010. She started skating at the age of 5 and went on from regional clubs until she made her debut in the international and national skating championships.

Gaurika Singh:

17-year old Gaurika has held many national championships in swimming from Nepal. She has two silver and three bronze medals in the South Asian games of 2016. Apart from that Singh has four gold medals in South Asian Games that were held in Nepal.

Saina Nehwal:

Saina is a well-known name in India. She has got 24 medals in her bowl as well as reaching no 2 in 2009. Very well known for her badminton skills, the 29-year old athlete from India reached her no 1 spot in 2015. She is the only female Indian athlete to achieve that position.

Lu Minija:

27-year old Lu Minja is from China. She has international as well as national championships in her career. She represented China in Asian games of 2010 and 2014. Also was the winner of the National games of china held in 2009. She is a track and field athlete and has won a gold medal at Asian Indoor Athletics Championship in 2012, and the 2015 Asian Athletics championship.

Christy Yiu Kit-Ching:

Christy Yiu Kit-Ching

Ching is an athlete from Hong Kong. The 32-year old athlete has a record-breaking career in long-distance running. She participated in the world championship held in China and the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janerio. You set a new personal record in the marathon running in the Olympic games held in Rio De Janerio.


Asia has no dearth of Athletes from Sania Nehwal to Son Heung-Min, but this year’s Olympics will see new faces being introduced in the gaming arena. Among the thousands of athletes, new records are meant to be broken or set right, but as far as sportsmanship is concerned, with more and more nations spending tons of money to train their players for the competition,  standard of the gaming performance should be left to our imaginations. Be it Track and field or swimming, one thing can be guaranteed that the enthusiasm games have will continue to be maintained.

Asians athletes to watch out for in Olympics

This year’s Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. The International Olympic Committee will include five new games into the existing list of games and these include softball, karate, surfing, sport climbing, and skateboarding. Japan has held Olympic games before in 1964, and this years games will attract a huge number of crowds from around the world. Apart from that around 11,000 athletes are expected to arrive in Tokyo for the participation. Preparations for the Olympics are already brewing up, not just in Japan but the whole world is getting ready for the multi-sport event, dedicating more time to training and preparation of the athletes.

Chen Aisen:

Gold-medalist Chen Aisen hails from China. The 24-year-old athlete has won a gold medal in the men’s individual 10m platform. He has been a double gold medallist at the summer gold medallist in the 2016 Olympics. The Chinese diver also holds a gold medal in men’s 10m platform competition.

Chen Aisen

Yuzuru Hanyu:

24-year-old Yuzuru is a Japanese figure skater. He competes in men’s single and is a two-time Olympic champion. Not only on an international basis, but he has won many medals in the national championships in Japan as well. He has remained a two-time world champion, four-time grand Prix champion and been a Japanese national champion four-times.

Lalu Muhammad Zohri:

Hailing from Indonesia, Zohri is the only Indonesian who has won 100m and 200m national records. 19-year-old Lalu is the only Asian holder of the IAAF World U20 Championships with a gold medal in his account. He also has a bronze medal in Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Osaka. He also finished 2nd in world Championships held in Doha, Qatar. Dubbed as the “fastest man in South-east Asia”, Indonesian track-and-field sprinter qualified for the 2020 Olympics during the 2019 Seiko Golden Prix in Osaka.

Mathilda Karlsson:

Sri Lankan Karlsson is the first athlete from the country to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. Mathilda is a jumping athlete She scored a third-place earlier in GP of San Remo. She has been in sports since she was thirteen years old. Mathilda made the decision of competing for her home country when she visited Sri Lanka for a holiday in 2017.

Mathilda Karlsson

Ruman Shana:

Bangladesh is set to contest in the Tokyo Olympics. The country will introduce its first-ever archer in the games. 24-year-old Ruman Shana will be representing his country in the gaming event. He has a bronze medal in  2019 World Archery Championships and secured three international medals in 2019. He won two gold medals at First Asian Grand Prix 2014 and another in International Archery Tournament 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Neeraj Chopra:

India has a long history of producing talented athletes throughout history. Neeraj Chopra will compete in javelin throw in the 2020 Olympics. He won a gold medal in 2018 Asian games as well as 2018 commonwealth games. With two gold medals in his bag, expectations for the next milestone are very high.


29-year-old Karma is a Bhutanese archer from Thimphu, Bhutan. She started archery in 2009 and soon made her debut in 2012. Karma will become the first athlete from Bhutan to qualify for any sport. Bhutan has been participating in the Olympics since 1984 but on invitations. Karma’s selections mark a new era from the athletes from Bhutan. She won her archery spot during the Asian qualification tournament in Bankok.

Rikako Ikee:

Rikako Ikee

This Japanese competitor has won an unprecedented number of medals at Asian games in 2018. Rikako is known to be a potential gold medallist at the Games, having won 6 gold medals at the Asian games. She is the first Japanese to win 5 National Championship championships. The 18-year-old will bid for her long-desired gold in the Olympic Games at the 2020 Olympics and pin.


Asia has no dearth of athletes whereas Olympics 2020 is concerned, new faces are expected to emerge. Among other countries, Asian countries continue to invest a hefty amount in preparation for their athletes. India will put its hopes on Saina Nehwal to maintain her gold-winning position while China’s Sun Yang is second to none. The world will see rival nations like India and Pakistan facing each other and trying to bag the prize. The gospel truth about the Olympic games is that nothing can be expected but as long as records are concerned, some are meant to be broken, others created.


Invictus Games 2020

The Invictus Games are set to take place in the Netherlands between 9-16 May 2020. Invictus has been derived from the poem of William Ernest Henley, which translates to unconquerable in Latin. The games are held every two years for the players with impairments. The events include sponsors like Jaguar but most of it is funded by the fines levied on Banks. The games were created by the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry for the injured, wounded and sick armed personnel and anyone associated with them to contest nine sports.


Duke of Sussex founded the games in 2014 for armed services personnel. The inaugural games took place in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.400 athletes from 23 countries competed in a series of nine games that included wheelchair basketball, sitting basketball, and indoor rowing.

Warrior games:

The games were made open for the injured and wounded armed services personnel along with their associates in 2014. Invictus can be called an event of its own but it’s inspired by Warrior games held in the United States. Like Invictus, Warrior games are multi-sport gaming events meant for injured veterans and their servicemen.

Warrior games


When the games were first launched, it was attended by Prince Harry himself and other important delegations of the U.K including the prime minister of the U.K as well as the Crown Prince of Denmark.


Up until 2016, the games will be held for humans only, but since many of the wounded personnel depend on their dogs during their service as well in their time to complete their daily activities, the dogs were allowed to compete in the games of 2016. Though it was unofficial, the contest accounted for the debut of the man’s best friend in the games.


The games will be studied by the researchers to understand the impact of the games on the Athletes. The competing athletes come from a harsh background and their past life has been difficult as well as the remnants of their earlier life are still visible in their physical forms. These things will be considered when studying about 400 athletes and the positive impact of the event on their overall being.

First coin:

Australia introduced its first coin with the Braille text to honor the competing players(Must Watch). It comes in two forms with different rates. One AUD sells for $11 and there is also a gold version of it that amounts to $108 USD. The coins were minted to honor players with vision impairments.


Ever since the games started in 2014, there has been an increase in its popularity. Various organizations are helping athletes to compete for the competition, alone archery has seen a hike of 433% of Veteran signup whereas 633% has been recorded in powerlifting events.


The games have been modified to fit the player’s different capacities. Little different from the regular games, these modifications help the athletes to use their talent in the competition. The games may be a little different but the core rules remain the same with a promise of sportsmanship and a lot of hard work to win the game.



The games have seen the appearance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden during its initiation. However, the games attract sponsors like Jaguar and funding from Prince harry via his Royal Foundation. In 2014, funds also came from the fines levied on banks for manipulating currency exchange rates. $1,300,000 was made available to the games.


In its first inaugural matches, players from 14 countries were invited to the games. These included 8 from Europe, 2 from Asia, 2 from North America and 2 from Oceania. The first-ever match was broadcasted by BBC and Mike Goody managed to win four gold medals and a silver for swimming. Over the last six years, the games have changed a lot and there has been a positive change in the perception of the audience regarding the games and as far as Athletes are concerned, a 433% increase in the application was recorded among the veterans. More and more, organizations like Help are assisting injured services personnel to get ready and apply for the multi-sports events. With the games taking place in the Netherlands this year, an increased amount of Athletes are expected to compete.


The history and background for the Invictus games

Invictus Games will be held in Netherland this year. The games intended for the wounded, sick and injured services personnel are held after two years with a break in between. Though the events attract sponsors like Jaguar, the funding was also sourced from the fines that were levied on banks in 2018. Apart from that, the rest of the funding comes from the Duke of Sussex’s Royal donation. The games were created by Prince Harry solely for the wounded and sick armed personnel.



Invictus are multi-sports gaming events meant for the war veterans and their associates. The event was inspired by the American warrior games where Prince Harry was asked to represent the UK team. The idea was adopted and given a new shape by the Prince in the UK. In his own words, he said that the idea was so good that it had to be stolen.

First games:

The games were inaugurated in 2014 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The event was attended by foreign dignitaries including the crown prince of Denmark. Prince and the prime minister of the UK were also present. Over the years, many figures have attended the games including Barack Obama. The games were contested by 400 hundred athletes from 22 countries.


The name Invictus has been derived from the Latin word Invictus which means Unconquerable. Its precise adaptation is from William Ernest Henley’s poem. The games are open for injured, sick or wounded personnel who compete in nine games.

Not only humans:

Earlier the games were meant to be played by the humans only but in 2016 the game mended its rules. Since many of the athletes depend on their dogs to compete for their daily activities, whether, during the service or afterward, dogs were allowed to compete in the pool. Though unofficial it marked the open doors for the dogs to be included in the competition and it’s expected to continue.

First coin:

Australia is the only country that came up with the first coin that’s dedicated to the players with vision impairments. The two coins cost $11 USD and $108 USD. These coins have braille text and were minted to honor the athletes with vision defects.

Scientific study:


Every Athlete has had his days of darkness and to come out of it, they require proper counseling. The games will be studied by researchers and analyzed closely to assess the overall development of the players. The research will study the impact of sports on the lives of athletes. 400 Athletes will be studied and their behavior and patterns will be thoroughly examined to understand what kind of impact does the game have on players.


Ever since the establishment of the games, there has been a gradual increase in sports enrolment. Various organizations are helping the veterans to apply for the competition and there’s been an increase of 433% in Veteran signup as well as more than 600% increase in powerlifting.


The regular games have been modified in a way that fits the requirements of Invictus. Though these games are a little different, the core values and rules remain the same. And like the regular games, it requires a lot of hard work from the player to bag the prize in the game. There is no exception to the sportsmanship.


Prince Harry’s royal Foundation takes care of the funding but at the same time sponsors like Jaguar cover the event cost. In 2014, funds were also facilitated from the fines levied on Banks indulging in manipulating currency exchange. It made available an amount of $1,300,000 to the event.


Teams representing 14 nations were called to the games in their first official tournaments. These included eight European, two Asian, two North American and two Oceanian. BBC broadcasted the first-ever match and Mike Goody managed to win four gold medals and a diving silver. The sports have improved a lot over the past six years and there has been a positive change in the audience’s view of the games because, as far as players are concerned, there has been a 433 percent increase in the demand among the veterans. Increasingly, organizations such as Help are helping injured services personnel get ready and apply for multi-sport events. With this year’s games taking place in the Netherlands, it is anticipated that a growing number of athletes will participate.

The Best Paralympians – so far

The first Paralympics were held in Rome in 1960. However, the game history goes a long back but if were to consider the official participation of the Athletes, 1960 remains a milestone in the history of Paralympics. Earlier it remained solely for war veterans but with the passage of time, the game reached its current phase and became open to other athletes with impairments. In 1976, the games were first time televised in Canada and reached out to half a million audiences in Ontario, Canada. This marked the beginning of a new era that gave wings to the newly introduced movement.

Ragnhild Myklebust – skier

Paralympians inspire people with physical impairments and encourage them to live their life to the fullest. Ragnhild’s name is one such example. The Athlete suffers from polio but despite that Myklebust didn’t let it come in between his dreams. Ragnhild has the highest number of medals won by any athlete in Winter Paralympics. The Norweigan Skier has 22 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze from 1988 to 2002. He also has medals from other sports like cross-country and ice sled racing.

Jonas Jacobsson:

The Athlete is a shooter from Sweden. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, the player has 17 gold, 4 silver and 9 Bronze medals in his account. He has competed in nine summer Paralympics and won his 16th gold medal in 2008.

Jonas Jacobsson

Michael Edgson:

Michael Edson is a name that merits respect in the world of Paralympics. Since the age of 14, Edgson has been contesting various competitions meant for disabled and abled bodies. He has nine world records in his basket and 18 gold medals in his career. Currently retired, Micahel also won the BC Disabled Athlete of the Year Award.

Franz Nietlispach :

Franz has quite a number of careers in Paralympics. He competed in Summer Paralympics from 1976 – 2008 acquiring a number of medals for his home country. In 1976 and 1980, he contested table tennis also. The Swiss athlete has 14 gold, 6 Silver and 1 bronze medal in Athletics. Apart from that, Franz occupies a political office in Switzerland. Adding to all the medals he has earned, Nietlispach has a bronze medal in cycling also.

David Lee Pearson – horse rider

The athlete’s career took a rise from 2002-2012 having won his 34 gold medals made him the player with the highest number of medals at the European Paralympic level. He has other titles to his name including Member of the order of the British Empire for services to disabled sport in 2001. The organization later promoted him for his unquestionable services to the sport.

Natalia Partyka

Partyka was born without a right arm and has bagged 3 Gold, 1 silver and one Bronze medal. Natalia is the youngest Paralympian ever. Her debut in the Paralympics was in Sydney games in 2000.

Natalie du Toit:

The South African athlete is alien to none. Natalie lost his legs as a child due to the congenital defect. So far he has competed in men’s 400m and 4*400 M in the Summer Olympics in 2012. Apart from that, the Athlete won a case to compete in the able-bodied competitions. He won his first gold at the age of 17 and then went on winning three gold medals in Beijing Olympics.


Paralympians are not just athletes but symbols that inspire not the people with disabilities but for all people in general. The amount of hard work that a Paralympian puts into his game is comparable to none. From the day the games were introduced to the world, there’s been a positive change regarding its acceptability and enthusiasm that surrounds it. Furthermore, this year’s games will see the introduction of two new games on the final list of sports. Among the existing sports and 540 events, Taekwondo and Badminton will make its debut in the Paralympian games. Tokyo Games will be widely televised and the same can be caught on various internet channels also. According to the International Paralympic committee around 180,000 people have registered to be volunteers in the games. With so much fervor surrounding the Olympics, Paralympics will surely steal its share of audience from the big lot.


History of the Paralympics

Paralympics are events that are reserved for the players with impairments. The games attract thousands of athletes from many countries who compete against each other in 22 sports. Given that there has been a various recommendation for the 2020 Paralympics for the introduction of new sports, only taekwondo and Badminton are added to the list. The games will host around 540 events distributed among all the games. Paralympics has been derived from Para which means equal and ‘lympics” as in Olympics. The host country that wins the bid to hold the Olympics is required to hold Paralympics.


Popularly held belief is that Paralympics started in 1960 but the idea was born long before that. During the time Dr. Ludwig Guttmann was working in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Great Britain, he promoted sports among the patients to boost their morale. In no time, the activity transformed into a more professional one. The first competition for wheelchair athletes was held during the London Olympics in 1948 by Guttmann. Known as Stoke Mandeville Games, players were 16 inured veterans and a woman. The games were renamed in 1960 as Paralympic games where 400 war veterans participated in the games from 22 countries.

First winter games:

After the first official debut of the Paralympics, the general perception of the establishment took a drastic turn with more and more members joining in. Exactly after 16 years, the Paralympic Games were held in Winters. In 1976, Sweden became the host of the event and since then, the games have been held in both of the seasons.

Olympics and Paralympics:

Olympics and Paralympics

After a treaty was signed between the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, host countries are required to host the Paralympics as well. According to the agreement, the games of 2018 and 2020 will be hosted in the same country where the Olympics will be held.

Paralympic Committee:

The Paralympics are regulated by the Paralympic committee. The International Paralympic Committee came into being on 22 Sept 1989 in Germany. The word simply means equal followed by “lympics’ as in Olympics. “para” has been derived from Greek and translates to equal.

New Games:

The Paralympic Committee invited recommendations for the introduction of new sports to the events but out of various suggestions they received, the games of 2020 will see the addition of Taekwondo and Badminton only. The duo will replace 7-a- side football and sailing due to their inability to garner an outreach among the audience.

No of players:

Ever since the first Paralympic Games were held in 1960, it saw around 400 athletes in the events but the number of players has risen over the years. In the Paralympics of 2020, about 4000 athletes are expected to contest in the games and around 180,000 people have already volunteered for the gaming events.

Paralympic Games

The number of events:

There would be a total of 540 events and 22 games played between the teams. The largest number of events is due to Athletics, which has 168 activities in the arena while in the account, swimming is 146 events. Wheelchair Rugby has only 1 event in its bowl while other sports have a significant share of the gaming events. There would be test events held for various games before the Paralympic Games will take place. The selection competitions for Athletics for the Paralympics will take place in May, Goalball on 28 Sept, Powerlifting (26-27 Sept 2019) and Wheel Rugby in March 2020. The test events are due to take place from June 2019 to June 2020.


Initially, when the Paralympics were introduced in 1960, a handful of athletes joined in the movements but eventually the committee grew with overwhelming numbers. This year in Paralympic in Tokyo around 4000 athletes are expected to participate in it. International Paralympic Committee that overlooks the Paralympics with collaboration from the Olympic committee has brought the games to a record summit where it’s open to everyone compared to previous times. Though there’s is much work to do on the sporting events, Athletes can pin their hopes on the credible shoulders of the committee to take them to future heights. Not only that, it has uplifted the hopes of millions of players that suffer from impairments and show them a way to continue the search of their talent.

Events at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Paralympics are set to take place in Tokyo. The 16th Paralympics are to be held from 25 August to 6 September. Paralympics are in the international multi-sport even meant for the players with impairments. Apart from other events, this year of 2020 will see the introduction of Badminton and Taekwondo during the sports festival. Regulated by the International Paralympic Committee, Tokyo has held the games before in 1964. Any host country that’s holding the Olympic games is entailed to host the Paralympic games as well. Among hundreds of events, around 22 sports will be held in the games.

Paralympic games:

The games provide an opportunity for players with impairments to continue their sports activities but however, the games started with a different turn in 1960. When the first games were held in the year of 1960, they were open solely to war Veterans. Though it is now open to everyone, the year saw athletes from 23 nations participating.

Paralympic games

Taekwondo and Badminton:

Among 540 events, new games are likely to be introduced in the games. This year Paralympics will see the inception of taekwondo and Badminton. Around 180,000 people have already volunteered for the games and with a little exception to the regular rules, the games will be much similar to the regular ones giving the audience their anticipated share of the game.


Among Archery, Powerlifting, Judo and Cycling, and all other sports will be there. However, certain games will have no exception. Rugby will continue along with Basketball and Volleyball. Judo, Table Tennis and swimming will remain at their places in the game. The games in the various events of the Paralympics count up to 22 in number.


The game will continue to be open for both of the genders with an exception to a very few. Whereas Goalball, sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball will remain a unisex sport in the event but 5-a-side football will be allowed for male players only. There would be few classifications in certain sports of the events. All things considered, the games will oblige to the event requirements and demands.

The number of games:

There would be a total number of 540 events and 22 games being played among the players. The highest number of events are attributed to Athletics which has 168 events in the arena while swimming has 146 events in its account. Wheelchair Rugby has only 1 event in its basket whereas other sports have a considerable share of events in the games.


Cycling is one of the prominent sports in the Olympics, how can Paralympics evade that? With certain alterations to the game, Cycling will continue to be the attraction of the game. Though, it will be divided into two parts: Road and Track. Cycling will have 51 events in total with 34 dedicated to the road and 17 to the track.


Addition and subtraction:

Ever since the committee started accepting suggestions for the introduction of new sports, various recommendations have come to the table. Electric wheelchair hockey, amputee football or power chair football were not accepted due to a lack of acceptability, but the new games Badminton and Taekwondo replaced 7-a-side football and sailing. The reason for that being the games failed to dominate the scene in the games.

Ready, steady, Tokyo:

Before the Olympics could be held, there would be test events held for various games. The Paralympics test events for Athletics will be held in May, Goalball on 28 Sept, Powerlifting (26-27 Sept 2019), and Wheel Rugby in March 2020. These test events will be held from June 2019 to June 2020.


According to the treaty between the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, any country hosting Olympics has to hold the Paralympics. With Tokyo being selected to hold the 2020 Olympics, we can expect a fair share in our gaming experience but at the same time be witness to the magnificent history and the cultural diversifications of the city. Japan has made quite a standard in the Olympic world and has held the Olympics once in the past, it’s left to imagine how smoothly and beautifully things will be in the games.



How to Watch the Paralympics In Tokyo

Paralympics is an integral part of the Olympics that is driven by quite a noble thought. Not all of us are born with our bodies working in favor of us, and that is okay. Normalcy is overrated, and we are no one to say what is normal and what should be the norm. However, these physical anomalies should never come in the way of an individual realizing his/her potential as an artist, a scientist or an athlete. Life is unpredictable, and it is this unpredictability that gives life its meaning. This is where the concept of Paralympics comes into the picture. Paralympics allow the aspiring sportspeople to compete in sports and carve a niche for themselves. With the 2020 Paralympics just around the corner, we have decided to have a look at the places where you can catch the action live. While you are in Tokyo, you might want to be present in the venue or take a pick from any of these places to enjoy the moments.


Tokyo Sports Café:

Sports and cafes have a nice ring to them. And if you want to be a part of the Paralympics with several other people who enjoy sports as much as you do, then you must absolutely visit this café in Tokyo. The Tokyo Sports Café is one of the oldest and a highly established café that serves not only an amazing crowd who share the same spirit for sports for you but also have a wide range of drinks that shall set the mood right for you.

Legends Sports Bar and Grill:

Legends Sports Bar is the hub for every sports enthusiast, and it is not just the Paralympics that they air but also a range of various other leagues and tournaments that you can watch along with their delicious grill menu and drinks The Legends Sports Bar and Grill has an American themed menu for their pizzas that you can relish while watching your favorite Paralympics athlete create wonders.


If you want some delicious food at an inexpensive rate while catching the Paralympics live in action, you must head to the Wagan café near Ebisu. The owners of this place have no qualms about their customers wanting to watch anything, which is what makes it a perfect spot to catch the Paralympics. You can order some of their delectable dishes and tune in to the Paralympics 2020.

the Paralympics 2020.

M-Spo Café/Dining:

This place is located in the heart of Shibuya and makes for an amazing place to catch your favorite sports in the Paralympics 2020 live. They make sure that they have a number of big screens all over the place so that you do not have to miss out on any action from the Paralympics. Plus, their menu is something that you must absolutely look forward to if you have dining on your mind too.


Paralympics is a much-anticipated event, and more and more people have started to take an interest in it. While most of us would want to tune into the Olympics and watch their favorite athletes bag gold and silver, it is time that Paralympics also makes it to the fore and more people understand the importance of it.

How to watch the Paralympics (international)

Paralympics will be held in Tokyo along with the 2020 Olympics. Japan has held the international Olympics before and according to the agreement between International Paralympic Committee and International Olympic Committee, winner of the Olympic bid has to host the Paralympics too. Since the time of its creation in 1960, the summer Paralympics will see a wide number of athletes competing in 540 events. This year there’s been an addition of two new games replacing 7-a-football and sailing. Badminton and Taekwondo have made it to the new list subduing other suggestions that were put before the committee.


In 2016 Paralympics only a few events were broadcasted live. However, with the effective collaboration of the broadcasting partners and Olympic Broadcasting services, the audience will be able to watch extended action from all the sports. Given that there’s been a rise in the popularity of the Paralympics, the broadcasting within Japan and outside has decided to cover more sports than in Brazil.


The 2020 Paralympics will be held alongside with Olympics and around 4000 athletes from different countries are anticipated to participate in the event. If you have a cable Tv, you can tune into NBC and NBCSN for the coverage or Olympic Channel. Cable Tv is one of the convenient ways to watch the Paralympics.


If you don’t have access to the Cable, there are a lot of ways to catch the exciting games. You can watch it on Dailymotion’s official website. The IPC has selected Dailymotion to broadcast their games’ live. Though most of the audience of the website is based in Asia the platform has an overwhelming outreach among European and American crowd. You can also shift to the Paralympic games YouTube channel for the coverage.


Though Paralympic Committee has strong broadcasting partners in Japan, it’ll also broadcast live games on its website. The live stream with English commentary will be broadcasted around 240 territories. This will include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics, track cycling, football 5-a-side, judo, powerlifting, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair tennis will be live-streamed.


The official website will also feature highlights from other matches along with the news bulletin. The daily highlights will be broadcasted at 16:00 and 23:00 and two news shows at 03:00 and 10:00 daily. These highlights will include happenings in other sports and events that took place during the day.


Athlete interviews:

Apart from highlights, the IPC will be assisting the Dailymotion channel further. The channel will feature athlete interviews and content from the Paralympics. Given the responsiveness of the channel, it will be quite easy to get aware about the activities and events of the Paralympics.

Live stream:

The IPC live video streaming will cover a range of events that include opening ceremony as well as behind the scenes moment. The athlete interviews will also be featured, and also you can have a 700 video-on-demand service, two highlights show, and a news bulletin. Its HD channel will stream 72hrs of the live show with English commentary.


Furthermore, the notification and regular updates regarding the games will also be available on its social media pages. With regular videos and information, the page will act as a peek into the events being held at Paralympics. Not only that, it will serve as a reminder of matches and activities taking place in the Paralympics.

NBC sports live:

NBC sports live

If you have access to cable or have a package, you can surely watch Paralympics on NBC sports live or its mobile App. This includes real-time as they unfold in the gaming arena.


Paralympics are set to take place in Japan. With Athletes getting ready to compete in the worldwide sports fervor, the Paralympic committee is working on the endeavors that will extend the broadcasting reach of the games. Though it has strong partners in Japan and China, it’s exploring other options to bring the Paralympic games to its desired audience. From YouTube to cable TV, mobile apps to websites, the organizing committee is expected to give the audience an unprecedented experience and uninterrupted services covering sports events and live interview of the players.