A Brief History of the Paralympic Games

The Paralympic movement is a massive one that has gone ahead to spring open a different kind of experience to the world. As the athletes keep showcasing their talent, people tend to get it all from the event and go ahead to make the most of it. But how did it start? How did the Paralympic movement come into the picture and go on to be a top event? Well, if you need to know all of that, you require a lesson in history about the Paralympic Games.


Sports for athletes with an impairment has been in the picture for more than 100 years. The initial signs of the same go way back in 1888 in Berlin as the first sports club for the deaf began to surface around town. However, it was not widely surfaced around, and people did not know a lot about the movement. But that had changed after World War Ⅱ as the purpose to assist a huge number of war veterans and civilians who were injured during wartime become louder and louder.

As a result, upon the request of the British government, Dr. Ludwig Guttman opened a spinal injuries centre at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Great Britain. With time passing by, that hospital became popular, and the Stoke Mandeville Games became a thing. On 29th July 1948, the opening ceremony of the London 1948 Olympic Games marked the beginning of a new movement because Dr. Guttman organized the very first competition for wheelchair athletes.

The Paralympic Games

As the Stoke Mandeville Games started evolving, it grew bigger and better and was finally known as the Paralympic Games. It took place in Rome, Italy, in 1960 and featured around 400 athletes from over 23 countries. As a result, the event has been taking place once every four years, and the process continues to go ahead for the better. Moreover, in 1976, the first Winter Games in Paralympics history was held in Sweden, and it made the movement stronger.

The Factor of Growth

As time passed by, people from all over the world came to know about the Paralympic movement, and organizers came forward to hold it on a big scale. With top-performing athletes also being a part of the picture, the excitement behind these games started becoming clear. International Committees started becoming a part of the event and went ahead to surprise the world. With each passing event, the Paralympic movement created history, and young talents were appreciated.

They also went ahead to introduce a few new games and take things to a whole new level. As a result, one should look forward to seeing more of the movement and the games bound to blow your mind.

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