Athletes to Watch Out for In the Paralympics 2020

The 2020 Paralympics is just around the corner, which thus, makes it quite an interesting time of the year to look through the profiles of all the Paralympians who are all expected to clinch a few Gold and Silver for their countries. The Paralympics reinstates our faith in the courage of human beings and emphasizes the idea that nothing is impossible. Therefore, in light of the topic, we shall now discuss about some of the athletes we can look forward to in the 2020 Paralympics.

Rose Hollerman:

Rose Hollerman and her team clinched Gold in the 2016 Paralympics held in Rio. This wheelchair-bound basketball team has been known to bring home several medals since the time they have been functional, and they are expected to bring glory to their country in the 2020 Paralympics as well. The athlete is thus, definitely the one to watch out for this time.

Rose Hollerman

Deja Young:

Deja Young debuted in the year 2015 and has been indomitable and unstoppable ever since. With a series of medals and laurels to her credit, she is that one athlete that you cannot miss out in this year’s Paralympics. All eyes, thus, shall be set on her as she plays for Gold in the 2020 Paralympics.

Chuck Aoki:

If you have been following Paralympics religiously, chances of you missing out on Chuck Aoki are rather slim. This athlete already has a Bronze and a Silver to his credit for wheelchair rugby and people all around the world are now looking forward to him winning a Gold in this year’s Paralympics.

Shawn Morelli:

Shawn Morelli is all set to emerge as one of the most successful athletes after having dominated the road race and track events in the year 2016. This year, all eyes are on her, and she is probably going to bring to Tokyo the much-deserved Gold and crave a niche for herself in the domain of Paralympics.

Antony Cotterill:

Antony Cotterill:

Antony Cotterill is that one name that you must pin all your hopes down to as he forms a dynamic duo with his partner David Wagner in wheelchair Tennis. They have won medals ever since they teamed up for the Paralympics 2004. There has not been a single Paralympics where the duo has not brought glory to their nation, and thus, we can hope that he continues doing the same in this year’s events too.


Paralympics has become an affair that every sports enthusiast wants to witness, and not just for the sheer show of strength and resilience in the face of odds, but also for the excellence in sporting events that these athletes portray. Therefore, these athletes are definitely the ones to root for in this year’s Paralympics.

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