Events at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Paralympics are set to take place in Tokyo. The 16th Paralympics are to be held from 25 August to 6 September. Paralympics are in the international multi-sport even meant for the players with impairments. Apart from other events, this year of 2020 will see the introduction of Badminton and Taekwondo during the sports festival. Regulated by the International Paralympic Committee, Tokyo has held the games before in 1964. Any host country that’s holding the Olympic games is entailed to host the Paralympic games as well. Among hundreds of events, around 22 sports will be held in the games.

Paralympic games:

The games provide an opportunity for players with impairments to continue their sports activities but however, the games started with a different turn in 1960. When the first games were held in the year of 1960, they were open solely to war Veterans. Though it is now open to everyone, the year saw athletes from 23 nations participating.

Paralympic games

Taekwondo and Badminton:

Among 540 events, new games are likely to be introduced in the games. This year Paralympics will see the inception of taekwondo and Badminton. Around 180,000 people have already volunteered for the games and with a little exception to the regular rules, the games will be much similar to the regular ones giving the audience their anticipated share of the game.


Among Archery, Powerlifting, Judo and Cycling, and all other sports will be there. However, certain games will have no exception. Rugby will continue along with Basketball and Volleyball. Judo, Table Tennis and swimming will remain at their places in the game. The games in the various events of the Paralympics count up to 22 in number.


The game will continue to be open for both of the genders with an exception to a very few. Whereas Goalball, sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball will remain a unisex sport in the event but 5-a-side football will be allowed for male players only. There would be few classifications in certain sports of the events. All things considered, the games will oblige to the event requirements and demands.

The number of games:

There would be a total number of 540 events and 22 games being played among the players. The highest number of events are attributed to Athletics which has 168 events in the arena while swimming has 146 events in its account. Wheelchair Rugby has only 1 event in its basket whereas other sports have a considerable share of events in the games.


Cycling is one of the prominent sports in the Olympics, how can Paralympics evade that? With certain alterations to the game, Cycling will continue to be the attraction of the game. Though, it will be divided into two parts: Road and Track. Cycling will have 51 events in total with 34 dedicated to the road and 17 to the track.


Addition and subtraction:

Ever since the committee started accepting suggestions for the introduction of new sports, various recommendations have come to the table. Electric wheelchair hockey, amputee football or power chair football were not accepted due to a lack of acceptability, but the new games Badminton and Taekwondo replaced 7-a-side football and sailing. The reason for that being the games failed to dominate the scene in the games.

Ready, steady, Tokyo:

Before the Olympics could be held, there would be test events held for various games. The Paralympics test events for Athletics will be held in May, Goalball on 28 Sept, Powerlifting (26-27 Sept 2019), and Wheel Rugby in March 2020. These test events will be held from June 2019 to June 2020.


According to the treaty between the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, any country hosting Olympics has to hold the Paralympics. With Tokyo being selected to hold the 2020 Olympics, we can expect a fair share in our gaming experience but at the same time be witness to the magnificent history and the cultural diversifications of the city. Japan has made quite a standard in the Olympic world and has held the Olympics once in the past, it’s left to imagine how smoothly and beautifully things will be in the games.



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