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How to watch the Paralympics (international)

Paralympics will be held in Tokyo along with the 2020 Olympics. Japan has held the international Olympics before and according to the agreement between International Paralympic Committee and International Olympic Committee, winner of the Olympic bid has to host the Paralympics too. Since the time of its creation in 1960, the summer Paralympics will see a wide number of athletes competing in 540 events. This year there’s been an addition of two new games replacing 7-a-football and sailing. Badminton and Taekwondo have made it to the new list subduing other suggestions that were put before the committee.


In 2016 Paralympics only a few events were broadcasted live. However, with the effective collaboration of the broadcasting partners and Olympic Broadcasting services, the audience will be able to watch extended action from all the sports. Given that there’s been a rise in the popularity of the Paralympics, the broadcasting within Japan and outside has decided to cover more sports than in Brazil.


The 2020 Paralympics will be held alongside with Olympics and around 4000 athletes from different countries are anticipated to participate in the event. If you have a cable Tv, you can tune into NBC and NBCSN for the coverage or Olympic Channel. Cable Tv is one of the convenient ways to watch the Paralympics.


If you don’t have access to the Cable, there are a lot of ways to catch the exciting games. You can watch it on Dailymotion’s official website. The IPC has selected Dailymotion to broadcast their games’ live. Though most of the audience of the website is based in Asia the platform has an overwhelming outreach among European and American crowd. You can also shift to the Paralympic games YouTube channel for the coverage.


Though Paralympic Committee has strong broadcasting partners in Japan, it’ll also broadcast live games on its website. The live stream with English commentary will be broadcasted around 240 territories. This will include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics, track cycling, football 5-a-side, judo, powerlifting, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair tennis will be live-streamed.


The official website will also feature highlights from other matches along with the news bulletin. The daily highlights will be broadcasted at 16:00 and 23:00 and two news shows at 03:00 and 10:00 daily. These highlights will include happenings in other sports and events that took place during the day.


Athlete interviews:

Apart from highlights, the IPC will be assisting the Dailymotion channel further. The channel will feature athlete interviews and content from the Paralympics. Given the responsiveness of the channel, it will be quite easy to get aware about the activities and events of the Paralympics.

Live stream:

The IPC live video streaming will cover a range of events that include opening ceremony as well as behind the scenes moment. The athlete interviews will also be featured, and also you can have a 700 video-on-demand service, two highlights show, and a news bulletin. Its HD channel will stream 72hrs of the live show with English commentary.


Furthermore, the notification and regular updates regarding the games will also be available on its social media pages. With regular videos and information, the page will act as a peek into the events being held at Paralympics. Not only that, it will serve as a reminder of matches and activities taking place in the Paralympics.

NBC sports live:

NBC sports live

If you have access to cable or have a package, you can surely watch Paralympics on NBC sports live or its mobile App. This includes real-time as they unfold in the gaming arena.


Paralympics are set to take place in Japan. With Athletes getting ready to compete in the worldwide sports fervor, the Paralympic committee is working on the endeavors that will extend the broadcasting reach of the games. Though it has strong partners in Japan and China, it’s exploring other options to bring the Paralympic games to its desired audience. From YouTube to cable TV, mobile apps to websites, the organizing committee is expected to give the audience an unprecedented experience and uninterrupted services covering sports events and live interview of the players.

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