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Invictus Games 2020

The Invictus Games are set to take place in the Netherlands between 9-16 May 2020. Invictus has been derived from the poem of William Ernest Henley, which translates to unconquerable in Latin. The games are held every two years for the players with impairments. The events include sponsors like Jaguar but most of it is funded by the fines levied on Banks. The games were created by the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry for the injured, wounded and sick armed personnel and anyone associated with them to contest nine sports.


Duke of Sussex founded the games in 2014 for armed services personnel. The inaugural games took place in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.400 athletes from 23 countries competed in a series of nine games that included wheelchair basketball, sitting basketball, and indoor rowing.

Warrior games:

The games were made open for the injured and wounded armed services personnel along with their associates in 2014. Invictus can be called an event of its own but it’s inspired by Warrior games held in the United States. Like Invictus, Warrior games are multi-sport gaming events meant for injured veterans and their servicemen.

Warrior games


When the games were first launched, it was attended by Prince Harry himself and other important delegations of the U.K including the prime minister of the U.K as well as the Crown Prince of Denmark.


Up until 2016, the games will be held for humans only, but since many of the wounded personnel depend on their dogs during their service as well in their time to complete their daily activities, the dogs were allowed to compete in the games of 2016. Though it was unofficial, the contest accounted for the debut of the man’s best friend in the games.


The games will be studied by the researchers to understand the impact of the games on the Athletes. The competing athletes come from a harsh background and their past life has been difficult as well as the remnants of their earlier life are still visible in their physical forms. These things will be considered when studying about 400 athletes and the positive impact of the event on their overall being.

First coin:

Australia introduced its first coin with the Braille text to honor the competing players(Must Watch). It comes in two forms with different rates. One AUD sells for $11 and there is also a gold version of it that amounts to $108 USD. The coins were minted to honor players with vision impairments.


Ever since the games started in 2014, there has been an increase in its popularity. Various organizations are helping athletes to compete for the competition, alone archery has seen a hike of 433% of Veteran signup whereas 633% has been recorded in powerlifting events.


The games have been modified to fit the player’s different capacities. Little different from the regular games, these modifications help the athletes to use their talent in the competition. The games may be a little different but the core rules remain the same with a promise of sportsmanship and a lot of hard work to win the game.



The games have seen the appearance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden during its initiation. However, the games attract sponsors like Jaguar and funding from Prince harry via his Royal Foundation. In 2014, funds also came from the fines levied on banks for manipulating currency exchange rates. $1,300,000 was made available to the games.


In its first inaugural matches, players from 14 countries were invited to the games. These included 8 from Europe, 2 from Asia, 2 from North America and 2 from Oceania. The first-ever match was broadcasted by BBC and Mike Goody managed to win four gold medals and a silver for swimming. Over the last six years, the games have changed a lot and there has been a positive change in the perception of the audience regarding the games and as far as Athletes are concerned, a 433% increase in the application was recorded among the veterans. More and more, organizations like Help are assisting injured services personnel to get ready and apply for the multi-sports events. With the games taking place in the Netherlands this year, an increased amount of Athletes are expected to compete.


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