Paralympic Athletes with the Most Successful Careers

Paralympics have always provided us with a well-deserved form of sports entertainment that goes to be unchallenged. While it differs from other formats, it stands to be the same for the bigger part of the picture. A part of what makes these events great are athletes who have defined their careers with the sport. Due to that, moving into the format to understand their careers will help you acknowledge how successful they have been throughout their life. So without further ado, here’s a list of Paralympic athletes with the most successful careers.

Trischa Zorn

Trischa Zorn is highly regarded as a role model for everyone around the world. Born in Orange County, USA, in 1964, Zorn participated in seven Paralympic Games in Seoul in the year 1988. The event marked the beginning of her glorious career as she won ten individual and two team gold medals. With all that, Zorn, in total, has won over 41 golds, 9 silver, and 5 bronze. Due to all that, she has had one of the most successful careers that define her as an individual capable of doing anything.

Teresa Perales

Hailing from Zaragoza, Teresa Perales is an athlete with no mobility in her lower limbs. But that does not give you a proper picture of the massive talent and the different tasks that she is capable of achieving. With a total of 27 models, which tends to include 7 gold, 10 silver, and 10 bronze, Perales is a world-class athlete who stops at nothing. She is regarded as one of the most remarkable Spanish sportswomen and will always be a part of history.

Jonas Jacobsson

Looking into Jonas Jacobsson’s massive records will help you understand who he is and why he is considered as one of the greats. A career that has gone through ups and downs is one that defines the thirty medals that he has achieved over the years. Due to that, it is pretty clear to tell you that he has won at least one gold at each of the Paralympic events that he has been a part of. Thanks to all that, he has also won the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal, which is the highest honour that can be granted to a Swedish athlete.

Lee Pearson

Born in Stoke in 1974, Pearson has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). However, that has not prevented him from being a considerable representative for his country in winning four Paralympic Games in horse riding events. The fourteen Paralympic Game medals that he has won over the years qualify him to be a world champion, and in the true spirit, he deserves all the applause. Apart from that, Pearson has also won nine European championship medals, thereby making a difference for the better.

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