Reasons Why the Paralympics Get So Little Media Coverage

The media does not always cover the things that you want to watch. While some news portals go ahead to cover facts, a few others sum things up for the sake of viewership. As a result, you may miss out on global events like the Paralympics. Yes, that’s right. In countries like the USA, Paralympics tend to get very little media coverage, and we are here to understand why that happens again and again.

A Recent Rise in Interest

A few studies that were conducted in the past have proven that people have a lack of interest in the Paralympics. While times have changed that to a whole new extent, the truth of the matter remains visible. This tends to be evident when you look at viewership ratings between the Olympics and the Paralympics. Understanding the same and looking towards the same factor will help one understand how people were not looking towards viewing the Paralympics.

However, that feeling has changed over the years since a new rise in interest is clearly visible all around town. The London Paralympics fetched around 2.7 million spectators, and those are numbers that one can never forget. Since these aspects tend to come from recent affairs, one can expect the future to provide better numbers. Due to that, the media did not cover the Paralympics for a long time because they knew that nobody wanted to hear about it.

Not the One to Advocate

While the Paralympic movement can be considered as an inspirational ground for raising awareness about disability, the media does not follow the path of advocacy. Reporting as it is by leaving the viewer to decide is the motto that they have always followed. However, one might have a different feeling towards the Paralympics with the need to cover the same by including inspirational stories that come from the same.

Since these stories need to reach every nook and corner of the world, one would want the media to get things going and begin covering issues that matter the most. However, one can also not expect them to make a note of issues that matter to the people because they are not here to tell you what you want to hear. They are here to tell you what you should be hearing, and leaving out Paralympics from that process is a huge mistake.


Due to that, you need to start watching the Paralympics and understand how exciting the event turns out to be. In this manner, viewership ratings will increase, and how media organizations will have to cover the events that should be covered. So go ahead and get started on the Paralympics by reading more about it.

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