Paralympic Moments

Some Greatest Paralympic Moments

The International Paralympic Committee has been conducting Paralympics since 1960. Initially meant for veterans with impairments, the games gradually develop to include other players with disabilities. According to the agreement between the International Olympic Committee and the Paralympic committee, Paralympics will be held by the same country hosting the Olympics. This year Paralympics will be held in Tokyo and around 4000 athletes are expected to reach the country for participation. Around 180.000 people have already registered to be volunteers at the games. This year’s games will see the inclusion of Taekwondo and badminton in the gaming list with exclusion to sailing and 7-a-football.

Brazil – Ibrahim Hamato:

Brazil Paralympics will be remembered for a lot of things and one of them is Ibrahim Hamato. The Egyptian table tennis player is an inspiration in himself. Though he didn’t make it to the victory, his struggle with the paddle and coming to outbrave with excellence in the sport will always remain an inspiration not just to Paralympian’s but also to people in general who always need someone to look up to.

Brazil – Ibrahim Hamato

Matt Stutzman:

Matt couldn’t find a job in his life given that he has no arms but that didn’t deter him from seeking his dreams and making them true. Every time he holds a bow, it’s a struggle in itself and many of us can’t even think about it. In 2016 Olympics, matt hit the target with his feet winning the Guinness World Record for archery’s farthest accurate shot from a distance of 283.47m. The record was previously held by an able-bodied athlete. This moment gained Stutzman his goodwill among the audience.


Before Barbara Niewiedział could finish on the Rio track, she fell down on the ground. He untimely stumble brought her a bronze medal in the race as she got up to see the scoreboard. The win was followed by applause from the crowd who were flabbergasted to see the outcome.

Alex Zanardi:

An accident in 2001 resulted in the severe injuries of ex-F1 racer Alex Zanardi. Exactly after 15 years, the athlete was back on the same track as a Paralympic driver. He won the para-cycling event on the same track that injured him 15 years ago. He went on to win another gold in the H2-5 mixed team relay.

David Weir:

David Weir

David has made an unforgettable name for himself in the field of Paralympic cycling. He has won six marathons and six gold medals since 2008. The athlete suffers included in the T54 category, has pulled off 1500m, the 5000m and also the marathon in just 10 days. Among the stars of Paralympics, David is considered one of the pioneers of the sports events. Despite the injuries, the player continues to inspire millions like him to come out of their fears and live their life to the fullest.

Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi:

Malaysia had remained alien to winning a gold medal in the international Paralympics until Ridzuan made his debut in the sports event. Mohamad claimed his country’s first win in Rio Olympics as well as setting a new Paralympics record. He managed to win two medals at the event. His unquenchable thirst for victory not just elevated his image in the gaming arena but also uplifted the sporting picture of his home country.


Paralympian’s are examples of courage and symbols of inspiration. Ever since the Paralympics were started in the 1960’s, there has been a gradual increase in the participation of players all across the world. NGO’s are helping athletes with impairments to go through the application processes and countries are training their athletes with much more fervour. Over the last few years and due to the awareness about the games, Paralympics will remain the main attraction of the Tokyo games in 2020. With strong broadcasting partners in Japan and outside, most of the games will be live broadcasted on Paralympic channels and YouTube channels. For 22 sports, 540 events will be held for the various athletes coming from over 190 countries.

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