The 4 Fundamental Values of Paralympics Explained

The world has seen the sheer courage of Paralympic athletes and how they go about taking on the stage for the better. From Chantal Petitclerc to Trischa Zorn, we have seen numerous inspirational figures who have taken up the stage to go ahead and do what they do best. Since they tend to receive a platform through the Paralympics, one must make a note of the same and understand how the organization motivates people to go further. In order to understand, we should start by exploring their values and how they do what they do.


One of the most important fundamental values of the Paralympics is equality. It aims to destroy the thought process that moves ahead to discriminate between athletes and Paralympic athletes by classifying the latter to be incapable of doing something that the former can do with ease. As a result, the value looks towards destroying social barriers and other kinds of aspects that still exist in the society. Thanks to that, one must get a proper understanding of the process and move ahead to look at people without discriminating against them.


The formula of courage tends to be different from person to person, and thus it is also different for the world of Paralympics. It tends to encompass the unique spirit of the Paralympic athlete to go ahead and achieve their goals that the society deemed impossible. As a result, a few of these athletes turn their disbelief into courage and move ahead to make the most of the same. Since they are ready to move forward and take over the world, nothing can stop them.


Like courage, inspiration too forms into different meanings and tends to affect an individual in a different manner. As the undying spirit of a Paralympic athlete comes into the scene, one is bound to be inspired by the things they do and the effortless nature through which they go about doing it. Since this undying spirit will always move forward to reach various goals and regulations, athletes tend to stop at nothing. With this formula of inspiration, athletes get ready to do wonders and take over everything.


The meaning of determination is one and the same, and it tends to refer to the same set of activities both in Olympics and Paralympics. As athletes understand the need of the hour, they go ahead and push their physical ability to the fullest until they reach an absolute limit. By doing so, they will be able to give their best and achieve the goals and objectives they have always wanted to. Due to that, determination is everything, and it is a fundamental value for the Paralympic world.

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