Ichiro Suzuki

The 5 highest paid Asian Athletes

Out of 206 countries competing in the Olympics, almost all of the Asian countries will be competing in the games. Sri Lanka will introduce its Mathilda Marksson in the Jumping Athlete whereas Bhutan has for the first time qualified in the Tokyo Olympics. Over the years, Asian countries have started to invest a lot in the training and preparation of its athletes and as far as their salaries are concerned, they’re paid a hefty amount to cover their personal experiences. Unlike the earlier time, payrolls have increased. Athletes not only make money through their state salaries but various multi-national brands endorse top players to advertise their products. From Addidas to Jaguar, these brands feature uniforms and personal advertisements making a huge sum for the players.

Kei Nishikori:

Kei is a well-known name in Japan. Apart from his salary he has attracted quite an overwhelming sponsorships and advertisements. National, as well as international brands, are investing in the player’s gaming abilities. His net worth stands at the spectacular US $ 33.5 million making him one of the top paid athletes from Asia. His hike to such success took a boost when he made it to the grand slam final in 2014. He is to become one of the main faces for the promotion of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Kei Nishikori

Ichiro Suzuki

The Japanese baseball player needs no introduction. He has a net worth of $90 million and an annual generation of $7 million. The baseball player plays as an outfielder  for Major baseball league. His skill set in baseball has acquired him an image in international platforms and not just in Japan, but he is also a well known among the international audience Popularly known as Ichiro earns a salary of $2 Million.

Yao Ming

Yao Ming earned an average salary of $10,333,333. He played for Shanghai Sharks and NBA giants Houston Rockets. Yao ming’s current worth is $170 million from basketball endorsements. In 2010, he was reported to be earning a whopping $34.37. He is also the biggest shareholder in Alblues design, Shanghai-based exhibition company. During his career, his games drew large crowds from diverse backgrounds. His personal investments include a restaurant in Houston and winery in California.

Yao Ming

Li Na:

The Chinese tennis player is a landmark in herself in China. Popularly known for her funny interviews, she has a net worth of $50 million and happens to be the richest female athlete. Apart from that, LI Na attracts huge endorsements and advertisements in China. She has two grand slams to her name and remains to be a well-known name among the players of other countries.

Rikako Ikee:

The 19-year-old Japanese swimmer is considered to be one of the most successful swimmers in japan. She Japan’s national record holder in swimming in freestyle 50 m and 100 m  butterfly. Rikao has also six gold and two silver from Asian games. Born in Edogawa-Ku Japan, her net worth is at $1million-$5million in 2019. She attracted quite a large chunk of endorsements in 2019 hiking from $100,000 in 2018. The teen players have so much time to achieve and reach the summit of the sport that will just keep increasing her global outreach and personal wealth.


Gone are the days when Athletes had to work a second job to cover their expenses. World of sports has changed a lot and it no longer suffers from lack of funds. The sports industry is one of the rich industries we have now. From a multi-national brand sponsoring to state-regulated salaries, Athletes are left to concentrate on one thing: training and preparing for their competitions. The hefty amounts generated from the sports events are self-evident to the fact that the gaming industry has made an impressive comeback. Not only that, endorsements sponsor individual players and athletes make millions from their gaming endorsement. There is also been a gradual increase in their salaries which just adds to the benefit of being an athlete.

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