The Best Paralympic Athletes of All Times

The Olympics is not the only sporting event that has inspirational stories to look up to. One of the greatest inspirational stories that you can find in the domain of sports is the Paralympics. The Paralympics has athletes from all around the world with physical disabilities. However, that has never served as an impediment on their way to success. In fact, they have taken on the world with their amazing zeal and a heart so full of courage that it is impossible to ignore them or not talk about them. The article concentrates on some of the best Paralympians of all times that you can always look up to if you ever feel like you lack inspiration.

Stephen Miller:

Stephen Miller:

Stephen Miller was born with Cerebral Palsy that affects body movement and coordination. Anyone born with Cerebral Palsy might not be able to go about his/her life the way in which others would. Thus, competing in a sporting event that requires muscle strength and a lot of enthusiasm might seems ludicrous. But, Stephen Miller showed what it is like to push through the boundaries and emerge victorious against all the odds. He has several Gold and Silver to his credit and remains the most iconic Paralympians of all time.

Beatrice Hess:

This Paralympian has 20 Gold and 5 Silver to his credit despite having Cerebral Palsy, a condition where you cannot move much or go about your day’s job like the other normal human beings. However, he has shown the world that if you are courageous enough, you can ace any domain you want, and he has emerged as one of the most successful swimmers. Physical anomalies do not seem to bind him to the ground. It rather only pushed him towards realizing his best.

Mike Kenny:

Mike Kenny is one of the most well-known names in the fore of the Paralympics. He suffered from a spinal cord injury which is supposed to incapacitate him for the rest of his life and bind him to a wheelchair. However, he fought against all the odds and emerged as Britain’s most loved and most successful swimmer, who became an inspiration to look forward to.

Tanni Grey-Thompson:

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Though she started off slow as compared to her other Paralympics counterparts, Tanni went to on to emerge as one of the most celebrated and victorious figures when it comes to wheelchair racing. She might have won just a bronze at the start, but later went on to clinch 11 gold medals. This is an achievement that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated in the right light.


The Paralympics is an example of human beings’ indomitable spirit and courage at the face of odds. No matter how arduous life might seem, there is always room for hope and success if only one knows how to hold on to them.

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