The Best Paralympic Speakers

Paralympic athletes have always had to venture through a different route when compared to other athletes. While the undying spirit to go forward remains the same, they face other kinds of problems that other athletes don’t. Due to that, their sheer determination to go forward must be understood and heard from all corners. For that purpose, we are here with a few of the best Paralympic speakers and a few facts that one should know about them.

Barney Storey

Barney Storey is known as one of the world’s best sprint tandem sighted pilots with a winning mindset. Be it the 2012 London Paralympic Games or the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games; Storey has always come out with a gold medal that tends to give you an idea about the kind of talent that this individual is capable of achieving. In fact, Storey won a double gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games and went ahead to build a reputation that remains undefeated. Thanks to that, Storey is now the ideal spokesperson to help you understand an athlete’s true potential.

Ade Adepitan MBE

Be it as a Paralympic competitor or a famed media star, Ade Adepitan MBE has it all and has managed to do it in style. As a wheelchair athlete and a presenter, Ade thrived as an athlete, winning medals at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games and the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games. Despite contracting polio as a child, Ade’s spirit has taught us everything, and he continues to dominate the limelight with all that you want to hear. As a media personality, Ade has also excelled in shows like Hip-Hop and the X-Change program.

Ellie Simmonds Obe

As the youngest member to take part in the Paralympic Games in Beijing, Ellie Simmonds Obe has shown the world all that she is capable of. Winning the 100m Freestyle and becoming the poster girl for London 2012 Paralympic Games, she managed to build her name and reputation in the world of sports and place her on the top as an inspiring figure and role model. Based on the kind of determination that he puts into the game, one can easily say that she is going to win it all.

David Weir CBE

Six Paralympic gold medals do the trick for the better and tell you all about Team GB’s greatest talent, David Weir CBE. As a native who broke the rules, David entered the London Marathon as early as eight and went on to become a top figure in the world of sports. Since breaking records and winning games has all he has done, one can expect to hear inspirational stories from him because he is also known as an outstanding speaker.

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