Invictus games

The history and background for the Invictus games

Invictus Games will be held in Netherland this year. The games intended for the wounded, sick and injured services personnel are held after two years with a break in between. Though the events attract sponsors like Jaguar, the funding was also sourced from the fines that were levied on banks in 2018. Apart from that, the rest of the funding comes from the Duke of Sussex’s Royal donation. The games were created by Prince Harry solely for the wounded and sick armed personnel.



Invictus are multi-sports gaming events meant for the war veterans and their associates. The event was inspired by the American warrior games where Prince Harry was asked to represent the UK team. The idea was adopted and given a new shape by the Prince in the UK. In his own words, he said that the idea was so good that it had to be stolen.

First games:

The games were inaugurated in 2014 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The event was attended by foreign dignitaries including the crown prince of Denmark. Prince and the prime minister of the UK were also present. Over the years, many figures have attended the games including Barack Obama. The games were contested by 400 hundred athletes from 22 countries.


The name Invictus has been derived from the Latin word Invictus which means Unconquerable. Its precise adaptation is from William Ernest Henley’s poem. The games are open for injured, sick or wounded personnel who compete in nine games.

Not only humans:

Earlier the games were meant to be played by the humans only but in 2016 the game mended its rules. Since many of the athletes depend on their dogs to compete for their daily activities, whether, during the service or afterward, dogs were allowed to compete in the pool. Though unofficial it marked the open doors for the dogs to be included in the competition and it’s expected to continue.

First coin:

Australia is the only country that came up with the first coin that’s dedicated to the players with vision impairments. The two coins cost $11 USD and $108 USD. These coins have braille text and were minted to honor the athletes with vision defects.

Scientific study:


Every Athlete has had his days of darkness and to come out of it, they require proper counseling. The games will be studied by researchers and analyzed closely to assess the overall development of the players. The research will study the impact of sports on the lives of athletes. 400 Athletes will be studied and their behavior and patterns will be thoroughly examined to understand what kind of impact does the game have on players.


Ever since the establishment of the games, there has been a gradual increase in sports enrolment. Various organizations are helping the veterans to apply for the competition and there’s been an increase of 433% in Veteran signup as well as more than 600% increase in powerlifting.


The regular games have been modified in a way that fits the requirements of Invictus. Though these games are a little different, the core values and rules remain the same. And like the regular games, it requires a lot of hard work from the player to bag the prize in the game. There is no exception to the sportsmanship.


Prince Harry’s royal Foundation takes care of the funding but at the same time sponsors like Jaguar cover the event cost. In 2014, funds were also facilitated from the fines levied on Banks indulging in manipulating currency exchange. It made available an amount of $1,300,000 to the event.


Teams representing 14 nations were called to the games in their first official tournaments. These included eight European, two Asian, two North American and two Oceanian. BBC broadcasted the first-ever match and Mike Goody managed to win four gold medals and a diving silver. The sports have improved a lot over the past six years and there has been a positive change in the audience’s view of the games because, as far as players are concerned, there has been a 433 percent increase in the demand among the veterans. Increasingly, organizations such as Help are helping injured services personnel get ready and apply for multi-sport events. With this year’s games taking place in the Netherlands, it is anticipated that a growing number of athletes will participate.

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