The Most Important Moments in the Paralympics

The Paralympics has definitely left its mark on the world by bringing about differences to a huge extent. With events and games that capture your imagination, watching the Paralympics has turned into an engaging experience. Thanks to that, looking into the most important moments is certainly going to help us understand how the games were formed and what happened over the years. So without further ado, here are the most important moments in the Paralympics.

The Beginning

The true beginning of the Paralympics is an important factor that everyone needs to know about. While the Olympic Games began on July 23rd July 1948, injured Second World War soldiers met at the gardens of Stoke Mandeville for the very first time. Their doctor had to go through a lot to set the games going, and the result was the beginning of one of the most important events of all time. Even the International Olympic Committee came forward to notice their efforts.

A Breakthrough

A big breakthrough came in the form of games in Barcelona in 1992. It was known as a landmark as matches and races were played in front of a packed crowd that understood the true spirit of the game. With Sir Philip Craven being the head of the International Paralympic Committee, one would expect things to head in the right direction. Thanks to all that, their breakthrough was possible, and everything went ahead to establish a record that history would know forever.

The First Gold Medal

Margaret Maughan was Britain’s first Paralympic gold medallist who created history by winning the medal for archery. While the games were still known as the Stoke Mandeville Games, things began to change, and ultimately it was known as the Paralympic Games. Thanks to that, things began to take shape, and people began looking at the Paralympic Games from a whole different angle. With their approach being a small one in between, it took time for the games to get established and started to venture into a whole new aspect.

A True Legend

Tanni Grey-Thompson was not only a famous Paralympian but also one of the greatest to ever live. From her classy tactics to moves that always brought out results, Thompson was an athlete who was able to change the game in a matter of time. While she was eclipsed by Trischa Zorn, she went on to make it big and get things going in the right direction. Having won 46 medals, Tanni Grey-Thompson is a legend who will always be remembered for the games that she changed.

Hence, those were the important moments from the Paralympic Games that managed to change things forever and helped the world acknowledge.

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