The Rules and Regulations of Paralympics

The Paralympics has been in the limelight for several years now and for all the right reasons. The athletes taking part in the games showcase courage, strength and resilience that must be celebrated and acknowledged. They fight against all the odds and overcome every obstacle that they might face on their way to the fulfilment of their dreams. They fight but never give up, and this is what matters the most. Paralympians teach what it is to live and fight through challenges. With the 2020 Paralympics just around the corner, we thought it would be the best to put together an article that talks about the rules and regulations in simple terms for a better understanding of the games.

General Provisions:


The Paralympics is just like the Olympics but one that looks into the needs of the differently-abled athletes. It provides them with the reassurance that all is not over, and their physical disabilities must never be something that weighs them down and prevents them from pursuing their dreams. This section provides an idea about the scope and application of the Paralympics for your holistic understanding.


The IPC is the International Federation that is the body which governs the sports involved in the Para Athletics. This body sees to it that the rules and regulations framed for the Para Athletes are maintained and followed throughout every event so that no one resorts to any unfair means while during the course of the games. Every athlete must follow these rules and regulations so that the events are conducted with the best of intentions and ethically.


changes and amendments

The rules that govern the Paralympics are subject to changes and amendments. After the Paralympics conclude every year, the IPC shall conduct a review meeting and process of the rules and regulations, so that they are updated and kept in tandem with the evolving needs of the Para Athletes for the upcoming years. These athletes need to be tended to and looked after as much as possible. Therefore, an amendment of these rules holds prime importance and is imperative for the smooth functioning of the games.


Rules and regulations, as much as some of us would hate them, are essential and required for the effective functioning of things. They are vital in keeping things in place and are especially crucial in sporting events like the Olympics and the Paralympics. You cannot imagine of a world where rules and regulations are not implemented. Any event without rules and regulations put in proper place shall descend into chaos and find itself amidst a hullaballoo. In the case of the Paralympics, they serve to be more critical than ever before since these rules are the ones that keep the differently-abled athletes in the prime of their form.

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