What Must You Know about the Paralympics

Paralympics has always opened the door towards a ton of opportunities for people who need it the most. As the competitions are intense and exciting, everyone tends to look out for these events with the same form of excitement as the Olympics. But what are the differences and other aspects that keep them apart? Well, let’s go ahead and find more about the same by reading the following.


In order to get the competition going, Paralympics tend to classify their athletes in a specific manner by conducting rigorous testing of function and movement. As the test is conducted by a sporting, medical professional, one can expect the same to be legit and move ahead to explore the domain of classification to the fullest. While the classification is also known to be controversial, one will have to go through the same to find the means to get the competition running. So go ahead and look through the basis of competition to get a better idea of the same.

Unique Sports

Unlike the Olympics, Paralympics has specific sports that are unique to the event. Goalball and Boccia are two of the most famous sports that are specific to the world of Paralympics. While Goalball is played by teams consisting of three blind and visually impaired athletes on a rectangular court, Boccia is more or less like bowls and takes place on an indoor court as well. The objective of Goalball is to throw a heavy ball filled with bells into the opposing team’s net, and the defenders need to block the same with their bodies.

On the other hand, Boccia takes place when athletes roll, kick or throw the ball, aiming to land at a specific target. As a result, exploring both these games will help you understand more about how it moves forward.

The Importance of a Tapper

A tapper is an individual who is situated at the end of the pool and holds a long pole that also holds a soft circular ball at the end. As a result, when a blind swimmer reaches the end of the pool, they will be tapped with this object and will be alerted that they have reached the end of the pool. Thanks to that, these athletes will be aware of the next move and can go ahead to do the same. As a result, a tapper plays an essential role in this position and goes ahead to make the most of it.


Understanding these points and going ahead to explore further will certainly help you understand the world of Paralympics. Moreover, it will also help you stay tuned for further events and competitions that will blow your mind away.

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