What You Didn’t Know About the Paralympics

The Paralympic Games requires no introduction because it has been going on for a long period of time, thereby creating a difference for the better. Bringing together different games and talented athletes, the events create a unique experience that no other game can offer. However, there are a few aspects about the games that one needs to know about. Looking into it and exploring it will certainly help you make the most of it. So go ahead and read more about what you didn’t know about the Paralympics.

Defining “Para”

A lot of people tend to be confused about the inclusion of the word “Para.” While conclusions can be made, it is always better to stick to facts. The idea or the true definition of “Para” tends to refer to parallelism. As a result, it stands to be parallel games to the Olympics and creates changes in the right manner. Due to that, the word was taken from Greek and brought into the context to make sense. By doing so, the games received a proper image, and people can look towards the same.

The Second Largest

Yes, that’s right. The Paralympics is the second-largest event and comes behind the Olympics. While it has been so for a long time, the record was never highlighted, and people did not really know about the same. Since it’s down on views when compared to the Olympics, it moves ahead to get settled for the second spot and does the job for the better. Thanks to all that, viewing the second-largest event in the world is going to make a lot of difference, and you will truly love the experience.

Decoding the Paralympic Logo

The three shapes in the Paralympic logo are agitos and refer to specific things. Coming from Latin for “I move,” they tend to encircle a central point and move forward to symbolize motion. Along with that, the three colors, blue, red, and green, move on to refer to the colors that are widely used in flags around the world. With that in hand, it brings about a global appeal and takes things forward. Hence, understanding the same will truly make a difference.

Paralympic Games and the Second World War

The Paralympic Games share a close relationship with the Second World War, and it is a fact that everyone needs to know about. The first event that was organized on this front was done by a German doctor called Ludwig Guttmann. And he was able to do so after bringing together soldiers with spinal injuries as a result of the Second World War. While it was first known as the Stoke Mandeville Games, it went ahead to become the Paralympic Games in a matter of time.

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