We are The Super Humans is a website which is dedicated to people with disabilities. We want to showcase that real disability is when people are not able to bring their minds into doing something great. We try to showcase some of the most people who instead of their disabilities have reached national and international Para Athletics Championships.


These examples are set to act a motivation for people who have lost hope.
We also strive to bring out the athlete in these people with the help of a platform. We want to make sure that they feel welcomed and encouraged to achieve more with the right training. We have access to some of the most talented and well-educated coaches who can bring your stamina up, which will allow us to ensure that you have the mindset of winning.
We are the superhumans also helps fight for the rights of people with disabilities which can help support the rights of people with disabilities. We also teach people about the different amenities which the government provides for people with disabilities which allows them to lead a life of quality. We are striving to show people their view, which can allow them to develop the right etiquette and respect towards people with disabilities. We on December 3rd celebrate International Day of Persons With Disability we want to celebrate people who are trying to live their lives against all the odds.

 We want to showcase their story to put forth a perspective which has rarely been explored. We want to make sure that athletes have a role model to whom they can look up to which can get them inspired to explore their opportunities. We want to make it easier for these people to get themselves involved in something more than what they are used to.