The Invictus Games Foundation

If there’s one sporting event that has been gaining popularity in recent times, then it has to be the Invictus Games Foundation. The international multi-sporting event has all that it takes to formulate sports entertainment, turning it into something that you haven’t seen before. Unlike other games, it promoted the wounded or injured armed service personnel and other veterans to take up different events and ultimately come out on top. So what led the way to the formation of an event of this scale and character? Well, if you wish to know, then you have to keep reading.

The First Event

The Invictus Games was first launched by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and the very first event took place in September of 2014. The event was conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London and was attended by a long list of members from the royal family. Apart from Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William, Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also decided to grace the occasion. With the then British Prime Minister David Cameron also making the list, things got all the more exciting. Since the then First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama couldn’t make it, she made up for her absence with a recorded message. Thanks to this form of acceptance and reception, the Invictus games became a household name.

What Started It All

A massive event of this calibre is only possible when the right kind of people come into the picture. In the same manner, the Invictus games had Prince Harry to do all the hard work. So by all means, the credit for the same needs to go to Prince Harry. The idea first hit the Prince’s head when he watched the US Warrior games that were being held in Colorado in 2013. Excited by the same, he decided that an event of this sort also needs to be present in the United Kingdom. So, the Prince began to plan and set things for the event. Through time, he received the backing of British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson along with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Ministry of Defence. With this form of backing, the event was set up in a matter of 10 months, and £1m of funding came through the Royal Foundation. Thanks to that particular move, everyone came forward to contribute and take things forward.

The Foundation

The helping hand of these games is the Foundation since it exists to monitor that things are run as planned. With over four successful events being completed, one can proudly say that both the Foundation as well as the organisation has done the ideal job. The governance of this particular Foundation is carried on by its Patron, Prince Harry and Chairman, Sir Keith Mills. With their combined effort and help from a leading list of trustees, one can only wait and watch what they have in store for us in 2020, as the Invictus Games will be held in The Netherlands.