Understanding the Paralympic Classification System

The Paralympic Games have been entertaining us for a long period of time and have managed to do so with ease. These games tend to bring about a difference and set things heading in the right direction. But how do these games move about? Who gets to compete, and who is not eligible to do so? Well, to understand that, you need to look through the classification system of the game and make the most of it.

Who Can Complete and Who Cannot

As we all know, the Paralympics are meant for athletes with physical, visual, or intellectual impairment. However, not every person with a disability can come forward to qualify, and not every person with a disability can qualify for all the games. For example, sports like swimming and athletics move along with any impairment that tends to meet the threshold disability requirement. Apart from that, the classification also works to define their class within the sport and make them eligible for specific games.

Moreover, with the ten classes coming into the picture, athletes will be classified into the same and then decided upon the results. The aspect of eligibility tends to work for the better through the same system that comes into the picture for the better. For example, swimming’s classification considers eligible athletes with physical impairment and is moved into one of the ten classes. As a result, athletes with a spinal cord injury stand a better chance of making it to swimming.

The Scene with Wheelchair Basketball

When it comes to games like Wheelchair Basketball, the restrictive eligibility works by understanding the kind of impairment that limits an athlete from taking part in the able-bodied game. Moving further, their level of impairment is considered and classified by giving them a point rating. As a result, players with the most impairment are known as low pointers, and players with the least impairment are high pointers. Apart from these aspects, the game is further balanced and checked to ensure that players get a fair chance at making it big.

The Aspect of Cheating

Unfortunately, claims about cheating and other related aspects have plagued the classification system. There have been events where players pretended to meet certain criteria just to qualify for the sport and move ahead to win medals. Due to that, the classification committee looks further into the process with the hope to correct wrongdoings and ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. Thanks to that, spectators can get used to a good experience and can move forward to get it all.


With the classification system in place, the Paralympic Games get it all and ensure that things tend to make sense. So going ahead to view the sport will genuinely be a lot of fun, and you need to do so.

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